Mr. Cory Reynolds



Degrees and Certifications:

BSE - Mathematics Mater's in Education - HPER

Mr. Cory Reynolds

Driver Education Course Description


The Driver Education Program is structured to provide students with information necessary to become licensed drivers in the State of Mississippi, shape the attitudes that will be taken with them when getting behind the wheel of an automobile  and form an understanding of the skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.

This class is designed for high school students in grade 10-12. Thirty classroom hours will be provided for classroom instruction and six hours of in car instruction. The classroom phase of a Driver Education program is an extremely important step in producing mature, responsible and safe drivers. It forms the students' understanding of attitudes towardsmotor vehicle laws as well as skills necessary to operate a motorized vehicle. The in car phase will allow the students to apply the skills they learned in the classroom to real driving situations with their Driver Education instructor.

Each student must obtain a valid Mississippi Driving Permit, Intermediate License or Full License to drive and pass this class. Since half of their grade is from driving, they must obtain at minumum a Learners Permit. To obtain a vaild permit, a student must present to the DMV the following: 1.Original Social Security Card  2.Original Birth Certificate  3.Notarized School Enrollment Form  4.Learners Permit Application  5.Two proofs of residence



Classroom Tests - 50%

Driving - 50%

Students and parents can download the MS DPS app on your Apple or Android device. It includes the MS Driver's Manual, Practice Tests, Flashcards, Road Signs & Symbols and a Mock test. I highly encouarge that it be downloaded and used.