Instructor: Meg Barnes

    I received my Bachelors of Science degree from William Carey University and STEM certification at Mississippi State University.


    Contact Information:

    Phone Number- (601)583-3538

    Email Address: meg.barnes@petalschools.com

    Petal High School web site- www.petalschools.com



    This introductory course includes content in self-development, career clusters, pathways, and choices, as well as financial planning.



  • Restroom Policy

    Please try to go to the restroom before coming to class.  Hall passes will be issued at the beginning of each nine weeks.  Student is to fill out pass with his/her name on it and the teacher will sign it.


    Discipline Plan                                                                                      

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Parent Phone Call                     
    3. Office Referral                                                             



    1. Head phones  

    2. Colored paper

    3. Kleenex  

    4. Disinfecting wipes





    1. Be at your computer station, logged in, and ready to begin bellwork by the time the tardy bell rings. 
    2. ALL belongings will be placed on the floor and out of the walkway.
    3.  Loud behavior and horseplay will not be tolerated.  Use your “inside voice” in the classroom.
    4. Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom/lab.
    5. No outside disks or CD’s or external USB drives are allowed in the lab.
    6. Students will be courteous and respectful of teacher and other students at all times. 
    7. Students are required to follow all school rules, school district policies, and the STEM classroom and safety rules
    8. If a student misses work, he/she must check with the instructor to make up the work. 
    9.  The teacher’s desk, office, and storage areas are off limits to students.
    10. Students will keep all furnishings neat and clean.  Students will alert the teacher if their assigned work area is not in order.
    11. Inappropriate use of computer software and hardware is a technology infraction.
    12. Five minutes prior to the end of class, ending class routine will begin.  The teacher will indicate to the students to start their ending routine.
    13. Inspect your station for vandalism, non-working equipment, etc. at the beginning and the end of class.
    14. Do not leave your seat without permission.  Chairs should remain stationary at the station.
    15. Check your Canvas site for class work as well as makeup work.  Canvas can be accessed from any computer that has Internet service.
    16. Turn in all work on time and meet project deadlines.
    17. Print assignments only once.  All assignments will be removed from the printer by the teacher.  Printer should not be used for personal needs.
    18. Always participate in class.  Be honest, dependable, polite, positive, and patient.
    19. Do not use the computers for IM software, Facebook, chat rooms, or personal e-mail.
    20. Do not attempt to harm, change, or destroy the work of another student.  Be respectful of other students.