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    Who We Are & What We Do 


    · Classroom supp

    · Goal setting

    · Transition

    · Study skills and organization

    · Identifying strengths and areas for growth


    · Education on job clusters

    · Interests/skills survey

    · Life skills

    Personal & Social Skills:

    · Respect for self and others

    · Interpersonal skills

    · Coping skills

    · Problem solving skills

    · Strengths and resiliency

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     Where, When, & How Services Are Delivered

    Guidance Curriculum:

    · Regular classes to teach, practice, and engage students with social skills

    · Developmentally appropriate, interactive lessons

    · Collaboration with teacher enrichment for

              integration in the classroom

    Individual Student Planning:

    · Coordination of goals, strategies, abilities, and interests to create a unique path for the future

    · Collaboration for transitions

    Responsive Services:

    · Meeting the immediate needs and concerns of students

    · Consultation and collaboration with teachers, families, and specialists

    · Referrals to resources

    · Support in crisis situations

    · Small group education and support

    System Support:

    · Connection between school and community

    · Professional development and evaluation

    · Program advocate district-wide