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    It is with great excitement that we begin the 2016-2017 school year and celebrate 40 years of the Petal School District!  Thanks to the vision of the leaders of this community four decades ago, we can still enjoy living in a community that values education.  I'm grateful we have parents who are concerned about their children, who want the best possible education for them and are willing to be engaged in the learning experience at our schools.  Forty years ago, those were the same values which started this school district and it is quite impressive that they are still prevalent in our district today.

    Our theme for this school year is "The Petal Way."  That sums up perfectly the essence of this community and our schools.  We  have our own way of doing things in Petal - the best way, the right way... The Petal Way.
    Thank you for your continued support of our schools and community.
    Matthew L. Dillon, Ph.D.
    Petal School District 
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    A.A. - Jones County Junior College
    B.S.  - University of Southern Mississippi
    M.Ed. - University of Mississippi
    Ph.D. - University of Mississippi