I have been so happy to see each and
every one of you in the morning! If
something has happened to your instrument,
let your homeroom teacher know as soon
as possible.  
Things are a little different and you are handling yourselves so well.   It will be important for each of you to practice as you can.  
Every practice session should include:
Breathing exercise
First Six notes in whole notes
pg 39 4a, 4b, 12a, 12b, 23a, 23b
After you have warmed up work on mastery for 
numbers 30, 31, 32, 33, 34,35
Here is the accompaniment track for Standard of Excellence Book 1 http://www.kjos.com/display.php?division=1&f=/soe/soe_audio.html
Our e-mail:   ryan.saul@petalschools.com (4th-percussion) chris.word@petalschools.com (7th & 8th) brittany.swindoll@petalschools.com (7th & 8th)