First Days of School

Thursday -- August 7th
      Students whose last names begin with letters A-L attend their first day and not again until August 11th.
Friday -- August 8th
      Students whose last names begin with letters M-Z attend their first day.
Monday -- August 11th -- All Petal Primary School students attend.

If you have not registered your child, you can do so on your child's first day.
All students (including returning students) will need two proofs of residency (one from each of the following groups)
  • Group 1
    • Mortgage Document (current receipt or payment book -with address listed)
    • Lease- with effective dates or with a current receipt within last 30 days
    • Deed
  • Group 2  (with name & address listed, dated within last 30 days)
    • Electric bill
    • Gas bill
    • Water bill

Mission Possible

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