School Hours:  
Class Begins: 7:35am    
Early Bus Dismissal: 2:20pm




Division A (Individual Kindergarten)
1st Place: Peyton Dillon (Allgood) Lady Bug Girl at the Beach by David Soman &
        Jacky Davis
2nd Place: Cayden Holder (Sheller) Henry and the Elephant by W. Awdry
3rd Place: Kage Pickett (Sheller) Roadwork by Melissa Langonegro

Division B (Individual 1st Grade)
1st Place: Addison Tryner (Moore) Emeraldlicious by Victoria Kann
2nd Place: Nathan Dillon (Budriatis) Charlie Goes to School by Ree Drummond
        3d Place: Emily Lyle (Wallace) Eva the Enchanted Ball Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Division C (Individual 2nd Grade)
1st Place: Isaac Linares (Tryner) Hot Rod Hamster Monster Truck Mania by
        Cynthia Lord
2nd Place: Braxtyn Rogers (Tryner) Dolphins at Daybreak by Mary Pope Osborne
3rd Place, tie: Grace Binson (Guyse) Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse by Rebecca
3rd Place, tie: Kayden Linton (Hendry) Bad Kitty School Daze by Nick Bruel

Division K (Family/Group, PreK-2)
1st Place: Athena Kakuk (J. Ervin) Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner
2nd Place: Kaitlyn Dupuy (Burkeen) Frozen by Mellissa Lagonegro
3rd Place: Andrew Jordan (Barham) Clifford the Big Red Dog by Clifford

Division PreK-2 Class 
1st Place: Mrs. Amanda Williamson’s Class, Elmer 
2nd Place, tie: Mrs. McMullan’s Class, The Big Orange Splot 
2nd Place, tie: Ms. Patton’s Class, Rainbow Fish
3rd Place: Mrs. Jenkins’ Class Where the Wild Things Are

Division Kindergarten Class (Kindergarten Class)
1st Place: Mrs. Burn’s Class, Moo!
2nd Place: Mrs. Shannon Burkeen’s Class, Crazy Hair Day
3rd Place: Mrs. Barham’s Class,  Too Many Pumpkins

Division 1st grade Class
1st Place: Mrs. Moore’s Class, Creepy Carrots
2nd Place: Mrs. Angela Smith’s Class, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
3rd Place: Mrs. Wallace’s Class, Miss Nelson is Missing

Division 2nd grade Class 
1st Place: Mrs. Hill’s Class, Red Riding Hood
2nd Place: Mrs. Fairley’s Class, Swimmy
3rd Place, tie: Mrs. Friend’s Class, The Magic Finger
3rd Place, tie: Mrs. J. Ervin’s Class, Pigsty
OCTOBER 27-31 
Students at Petal Primary will be participating in Red Ribbon Week October 27-31.  Each day we will have a different theme to celebrate our choice to be drug free.  Students may wear items listed below to show their support.  Students must wear uniform bottoms each day.  
Sunglasses – You’re too Bright to Do Drugs
Favorite Team Jersey or Team T- Shirt – Team Up Against Drugs
Silly Socks – Sock it to Drugs
Favorite Cap – Put a Cap on Drugs
Red Shirt – Wear Red Day
  The PPS PTO kicked off their fundraiser on October 9.  Forms have been sent home with students.  Students may take orders through October 23 and should return the order form and money in the fundraiser envelope on Friday, October 24.
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